How to Claim and/or Edit an Existing Listing

Instructions for editing existing directory listings for flute teachers and accompanists.

Did you create the listing you want to edit yourself?

YES – If you registered with FTA and created your listing yourself or if you have already claimed your listing as your own and received confirmation of this please follow these instructions on how to edit your listing commencing from step 6 (below).

NO – If you want to edit an existing listing that you did not create you will first need to claim your listing as your own.  Please following these instructions commencing from step 1 (below)


1. Open the listing you wish to claim as your own

2. Click on the “Own this business” button

own this business

3. complete the fields in the pop-up ‘enter your claim’ box

enter claim

4. WAIT – it may take us a day or so to review and approve your claim however it is extremely important that you are patient.  Do not try to register separately with FTA as if you do we will not be able to approve your claim.

5. when we approve your claim you will receive an email with your username and password for FTA after which you will be able to log in and edit your listing by following these below instructions



6. Go to the Directories page

7. select ‘login’ in the right hand menu (to the left of ‘register’)

login register

8. enter your username and password in the fields as shown


9. click on the login button


10. when you have logged in you will automatically be taken to the ‘my items’ page where you will see any current listings.  Simply click on the title (should be your name or your studio name) to open the listing so that you can make edits.

11. if you wish to add a new listing please follow these instructions



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